Just Act Natural (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
10 MilesWalk ten miles in total as a Hider.
10 WinsWin 10 matches of Just Act Natural.
100 KillsGet 100 Kills as the Seeker.
15 KillsGet 15 kills as the Seeker.
25 WinsWin 25 matches of Just Act Natural.
50 KillsGet 50 Kills as the Seeker.
Am I Doing It Right?Kill twenty NPCs in one match.
Big J.A.N. FanPlay 50 matches of Just Act Natural.
Bread Not DeadSurvive until the end of the round as bread in a 'Goose on the Loose' match with at least five players.
Christmas EventLog on to Just Act Natural during our December Christmas event!
Clout ChaserEarn a total of 150 points in the CLOUT CHASERS game mode.
Death From AboveIn one round, kill all the Hider players as the Seeker. (In a match of at least three players)
Eyes in the Back of your HeadKill three players in one match while in Assassin Vision.
Fastest Seeker in the WestKill all Hider players in less than thirty seconds as the Seeker. (In a game with four or more players)
First PlaceBe the first to reach the finish line in a round of Death Race.
In Plain SightDon't die once in a match of at least three rounds.
InfectedJoin a Lobby with a player with this achievement.
J.A.N. FanPlay 10 matches of Just Act Natural.
JAN FAN FOREVERPlay 150 matches of Just Act Natural.
KingWin 3 games in a row in a lobby with at least three players.
Master Of DisguiseSwitch outfits ten times in one match.
Master ThiefCollect six diamonds in one round of Diamond Grab. (In a game of at least three players)
Museum ThiefSteal from the Museum.
Out For BloodAssassinate three players in one round of Assassins.
ScavengerCollect all four fruit in a game of SCAVENGERS.
Stay CoolGet frozen three times in one match of Death Run.
The Least WorstGet first place in a match with a negative score value.
This isn't ASSASSINS but okayWin a game of SCAVENGERS by being the last one standing.
Ultimate AssassinKill seven players in one game of Assassins.
When You Spray and Pray But There Is No GodGet less than -50 points in a match.