Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
...The Harder They FallKill the Landshark Boss on the Hardest Difficulty.
Armored and DangerousEquip a full set of armor.
At least it never hits the same place twice...Get struck by lightning.
Baby StepsComplete the tutorial.
Bear NecessitiesUnlock all blueprints in T1.
Bench EnthusiastUnlock all blueprints in T4.
Biome Is Where The Heart IsExplore these biomes on Olympus and Styx.
Buck And CoverKill a Deer with a grenade.
Ex-BoxBreak a crate with a grenade.
Fired UpBurn down a shelter.
Friendly FireKill another prospector.
Gotta Catch Them AllMax Rank these creatures in the Bestiary. They are present on Olympus or Styx.
Herb Your EnthusiasmHarvest these plants.
Highly SkilledReach the bottom of a talent tree.
Leader Of The PackKill the Alpha Wolf Boss on the Hardest Difficulty.
Lock, Stock and Lots of BearsGet 10,000 Gun Kills.
Makeshift EngineeringAlter an item.
Master AnglerCatch these fish on Olympus and Styx.
Medic!Revive a downed prospector.
Mined Over MatterActivate the Thumper.
Money Money MoneyCollect 10000 Credits.
One Shot, One KillGet 1000 Stealth Critical hit kills.
Ore-mageddonCollect 10000 Exotics.
Pain In The BassCatch a fish with a bow and arrow.
Pony SlaystationKill 250 Zebra.
Quiver Me TimbersGet 10,000 Bow & Arrow Kills.
Rock 'n' RollMine these ores.
Sometimes it does...Get struck by lighting... again.
Sting OperationKill the Scorpion Boss on the Hardest Difficulty.
Styx And StonesComplete every Styx Mission.
Survival 101Pick up a stick, stone, or oxite.
The Bigger They Are...Kill the Sandworm Boss on the Hardest Difficulty.
Unlocked and LoadedUnlock all blueprints in T2.
Unlocking IntensifiesUnlock all blueprints in T3.
Veteran ProspectorReach the Level Cap.
Welcome to IcarusFirst time killed by a bear.
Whack-a-MoleGet 10,000 Melee Kills.
Whoops!First time your prospector dies.
Yes Chef!Cook these food items.
Zero To HeroComplete every Olympus Mission.