Hungry Flame

Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Destroy 10 enemies!Destroy 10 enemies!
Destroy 15 enemies!Destroy 15 enemies!
Destroy 20 enemies!Destroy 20 enemies!
Destroy 25 enemies!Destroy 25 enemies!
Destroy 5 enemies!Destroy 5 enemies!
Destroy an enemy!Destroy an enemy!
Destroy the enemy with layers!Destroy the enemy with layers!
Die 10x!Die 10x!
Die 20x!Die 20x!
Die 5x!Die 5x!
Die by spiral enemy!Die by spiral enemy!
Die by the black hole!Die by the black hole!
Die by the cannon!Die by the cannon!
Die by the electric shock!Die by the electric shock!
Die by the hungry flame 10x!Die by the hungry flame 10x!
Die by the hungry flame 15x!Die by the hungry flame 15x!
Die by the hungry flame 20x!Die by the hungry flame 20x!
Die by the hungry flame 25x!Die by the hungry flame 25x!
Die by the hungry flame 5x!Die by the hungry flame 5x!
Die by the hungry flame!Die by the hungry flame!
Die by the laser!Die by the laser!
Die by the moving ball!Die by the moving ball!
Die by the moving wall!Die by the moving wall!
Die by the needle enemy!Die by the needle enemy!
Die by the whirlwind!Die by the whirlwind!
Die for the first time!Die for the first time!
Finish level 1!Finish level 1!
Finish level 10!Finish level 10!
Finish level 11!Finish level 11!
Finish level 12!Finish level 12!
Finish level 13!Finish level 13!
Finish level 14!Finish level 14!
Finish level 15!Finish level 15!
Finish level 16!Finish level 16!
Finish level 17!Finish level 17!
Finish level 18!Finish level 18!
Finish level 19!Finish level 19!
Finish level 2!Finish level 2!
Finish level 20!Finish level 20!
Finish level 21!Finish level 21!
Finish level 22!Finish level 22!
Finish level 23!Finish level 23!
Finish level 24!Finish level 24!
Finish level 25!Finish level 25!
Finish level 26!Finish level 26!
Finish level 27!Finish level 27!
Finish level 28!Finish level 28!
Finish level 29!Finish level 29!
Finish level 3!Finish level 3!
Finish level 30!Finish level 30!
Finish level 31!Finish level 31!
Finish level 32!Finish level 32!
Finish level 33!Finish level 33!
Finish level 34!Finish level 34!
Finish level 35!Finish level 35!
Finish level 36!Finish level 36!
Finish level 37!Finish level 37!
Finish level 38!Finish level 38!
Finish level 39!Finish level 39!
Finish level 4!Finish level 4!
Finish level 40!Finish level 40!
Finish level 41!Finish level 41!
Finish level 42!Finish level 42!
Finish level 43!Finish level 43!
Finish level 44!Finish level 44!
Finish level 45!Finish level 45!
Finish level 46!Finish level 46!
Finish level 47!Finish level 47!
Finish level 48!Finish level 48!
Finish level 49!Finish level 49!
Finish level 5!Finish level 5!
Finish level 50!Finish level 50!
Finish level 6!Finish level 6!
Finish level 7!Finish level 7!
Finish level 8!Finish level 8!
Finish level 9!Finish level 9!
Finish the game!Finish the game!
Get crushed by the shrinking border!Get crushed by the shrinking border!
Start level 1!Start level 1!
Survive the electric shock!Survive the electric shock!
Use basic attack 10x!Use basic attack 10x!
Use basic attack 15x!Use basic attack 15x!
Use basic attack 20x!Use basic attack 20x!
Use basic attack 25x!Use basic attack 25x!
Use basic attack 5x!Use basic attack 5x!
Use basic attack!Use basic attack!
Use slow time 10x!Use slow time 10x!
Use slow time 15x!Use slow time 15x!
Use slow time 20x!Use slow time 20x!
Use slow time 25x!Use slow time 25x!
Use slow time 5x!Use slow time 5x!
Use slow time!Use slow time!
Use teleport 10x!Use teleport 10x!
Use teleport 20x!Use teleport 20x!
Use teleport 5x!Use teleport 5x!
Use teleport for the first time!Use teleport for the first time!

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