Gunsmith Simulator (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Always on time!Spend total of 2000$ for rent.
Amor De NocheFind and rescue Uncle Dave.
BullseyeScore ten points using a Colt M1911 in 300 meters.
CollectorOwn ten different guns.
Dirty handsClean total of 100 weapon parts.
Disassembly challengeComplete disassembly challenge for 10 different weapons.
Everything is a messDon't pay your debt until problems arrive.
Fine catchWin your first auction.
Hit the bankEarned $10.000.
I'm busyHave four contracts at the same time.
Man of peopleFinish CQB without any mistakes.
Not worse just differentChange gun configuration 20 times.
One Mag ChampionComplete One Mag Challenges using every weapon.
One Man ArmyFully disassemble 10 different weapons.
ResourcefulComplete a contract for every type of weapon.
Rust, Rust everywhereRemove rust from total of 60 weapon parts.
Same, but coolerAdd sticker to your gun.
SheriffScore at least 60 points in One Mag Challenge using Colt Peacemaker.
TacticoolCustomise an owned gun with at least 4 attachments.
That was a mistakeChange your own, single gun configuration 3 times.
That's my passionComplete total of 50 contracts.
The GunsmithLearn every gunsmith skill from Grandpa Larry.
There is a pattern in thisPaint total of 15 weapons.
Thinking about the futureSpend 1000$ more than you should spent on weapon parts at once.
This is profitBuy a gun in very bad condition, fix it and then sell.
TinkerUse a CNC machine for 10 parts that can be modified in the game.
Trash pandaHave at least 35 weapon parts in your inventory in the same time.
Watermelons at their finestDestroy 10 watermelons.
Welcome to GunsmithFinished first contract.
WoodpeckerCreate total of 40 wooden parts.