Don't Spend Real Money

There is no reason to spend any real money in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as it is now easier than ever to make coins from the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Open bronze and silver packs, then complete the available league SBCs to improve your squad and earn coins along the way.

Don't Sprint

Resist the temptation to start running at defenders as soon as you have possession of the ball as this it the quickest way to lose the ball. As soon as you get the ball take your finger off the sprint button and pass it around, biding your time as you wait for an opening to develop. The only time you need to sprint is when you are one-on-one with the keeper and you don't want to be caught by defenders.

Experiment with Formations

It is vital that you are playing the right formation for your style of play otherwise you will find yourself struggling to play fluid football. Whether it's a traditional 4-4-2 or three at the back to focus on attacking the decision is up to you, what you should do though is experiment with the different formations available to see which one best fits the way you like to play.

New Style of Play

Pace in FIFA 20 is not as important as it was in prevous editions of the series where players were reliant on speedy wingers running up and down the sides of the pitch. FIFA 20 introduces a new slower style of play that focuses on passing and retaining possession while you wait for the openings to develop.

Practice Free Kicks

FIFA 20 has several new free kick options on the right stick you can use, each of which is effective in the right dead ball situation. You can go for a knuckleball, add curve, or try to dip the ball. You can practive these free kicks by going to 'Skill Games' on the main menu and selecting the 'Shooting' category.

Strategy Tips

Find a player who's in-demand, but cheap enough to buy en masse within your current budget - Our advice is Premier League or La Liga players, and those who play in a rarely-filled position like left or right back, or centre forward.

Find their average buy-it-now price: It's easier than eBay, just cycle throught the card's menus where it's handily displayed for you. Then calculate the amount you'd need to buy it for, if you were going to make a profit by selling it for the average buy-it-now price. How do you do that? Well, deduct the EA Tax (5 per cent, so multiply the buy-it-now average by 0.95 to find the after-tax price) and then aim for a couple of hundred coins below it.

Get bidding: Your aim now is to bid below the average buy-it-now price (with the EA tax factored in too), by just a couple of hundred coins difference at most. Remember, this is all about your profit margins; you'll need to buy and then re-sell at a least a couple of hundred coins' profit each time. Head to at least the third or fourth page of the Transfer Market list for that player when you search, as you want to be the first to bid on an item, as you're essentially hoping to catch the ones which slip through the net. It means you'll need to place a lot of bids - you'll probably get one in ten at best - but the upside is you can place a wave of bids on players, play a few games or head out to work or school, and come back to your market to see what you won.

Sell sell sell: Assuming you got lucky and won a few cheapos, it's time to immediately flip them on the market. If you're staying with the game and want to re-invest your earnings right away, set the listing for one hour and the buy-it-now price as dead on the average. If you're happy to wait, set it for four or more hours and a few hundred over the average (not too far over though, or you won't sell it and will waste your time).

Whip in Low Crosses

You will find that low drilled crosses along the ground from wingers are most likely to lead to goals. Heading is a lot less effective in FIFA 20 so when your winger beats his man down the sideline you will have more success if you whip the ball in across the top of the grass instead of lofting it high into the box.