Evertree Inn


Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Date With Death!Discovered a body at Evertree Inn. (Secret)
An Hour To KillKept exploring the inn right up until the Gong. (Secret)
And So Our Story BeginsEstablished a backstory for your character. (Secret)
Clue 1 Updated!Updated Clue 1 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 10 Updated!Updated Clue 10 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 11 Updated!Updated Clue 11 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 12 Updated!Updated Clue 12 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 13 Updated!Updated Clue 13 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 14 Updated!Updated Clue 14 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 15 Updated!Updated Clue 15 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 2 Updated!Updated Clue 2 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 3 Updated!Updated Clue 3 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 4 Updated!Updated Clue 4 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 5 Updated!Updated Clue 5 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 6 Updated!Updated Clue 6 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 7 Updated!Updated Clue 7 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 8 Updated!Updated Clue 8 to the maximum. (Secret)
Clue 9 Updated!Updated Clue 9 to the maximum. (Secret)
Elementary, My Dear Ga'arlReceived a job offer from Mr. Ga'arl. (Secret)
Four MusketeersWent into the Firstwood with three allies. (Secret)
Give Peace a ChanceMade a deal with the dryad without anyone dying. (Secret)
Happy for Deep PeopleAccepted a tragic ending for your hero. (Secret)
House Alive!Made it out of the inn alive. (Secret)
InvestigatorAchieve the maximum bonus for a chapter. (Secret)
Just the Two of UsWent into the Firstwood with only one ally. (Secret)
Love Conquers AllFinished the game with your love by your side. (Secret)
MagicalFinished the game with at least 80% magic. (Secret)
ObservantFinished the game with at least 80% perception. (Secret)
SneakyFinished the game with at least 80% guile. (Secret)
Something To Chew OnOverheard Mr. Brushgather's argument with Mrs. Dupree. (Secret)
Super Sleuth!(Secret)
These Violent DelightsEnded the dryad's curse with death. (Secret)
Three's CompanyWent into the Firstwood with two allies. (Secret)
ToughFinished the game with at least 80% combat. (Secret)
Whodunnit?!Successfully identify the killer. (Secret)

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