Elven Legend


Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
CollectorCollect 1500 food.
CollectorCollect 300 food.
CollectorCollect 700 food.
ExcellenceComplete the game for all the stars.
Forest saviourRestore 25 roots of vital tree.
Forest saviourRestore 50 roots of vital tree.
Forest saviourRestore 70 roots of vital tree.
HeroBanish 25 monsters.
HeroBanish 50 monsters.
HeroBanish 75 monsters.
ModernizerImprove 250 buildings.
ModernizerImprove 500 buildings.
ModernizerImprove 700 buildings.
OriginatorStart the game.
RepairerRepair 300 buildings.
RepairerRepair 500 buildings.
RepairerRepair 750 buildings.
Rich manCollect 1000 crystals.
Rich manCollect 2000 crystals.
Rich manCollect 500 crystals.
TravellerGo through more than half of the game.
Water carrierCollect 1800 water.
Water carrierCollect 400 water.
Water carrierCollect 800 water.
WinnerComplete the game.
WizardUse the bonuses 150 times.
WizardUse the bonuses 200 times.
WizardUse the bonuses 50 times.
WoodcutterCollect 1000 wood.
WoodcutterCollect 200 wood.
WoodcutterCollect 2000 wood.

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