Dyson Sphere Program (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Alien Mineral Protection ActComplete the game without gathering rare veins to obtain rare ores.
All systems are go!Achieve discharge power of more than 300MW on a planet using Energy Hubs.
Are you proud of me, Stephen?Find and orbit a Black Hole.
Backup planBuild a Star Cluster with an energy storage capacity of 27GJ or more.
Before our timeLand on another planet outside the initial planetary system before unlocking Warp drive.
Blackbox designerCopy and save a Blueprint.
Bon voyage!Travel to the planetary system farthest from your original system.
Boy geniusFind and orbit a Neutron Star.
Build it and they will comeBuild ten Orbital Collectors.
BullseyeLaunch a total of 100K Solar Sails.
Burn baby burnHave Icarus burn at least sixteen different fuels in a game.
CentreBrain needs more energy IIITotal power generation of the Dyson Sphere reaches 1TW.
CentreBrain needs more energy IITotal power generation of the Dyson Sphere reaches 1GW.
CentreBrain needs more energy ITotal power generation of the Dyson Sphere reaches 200MW.
ChemistMake twenty Organic Crystals by hand using the original formula.
Critical thinkerProduce a total of 60,000 Critical Photons.
Data rules everything around meAchieve a Matrix Lab upload rate of 1M hash/s.
DeterminationUse more than 80K foundations on a Waterworld planet.
Didn't break a sweat!Complete the game within 25 hours on x1 (or less) resource difficulty.
Don't sand so close to meCollect at least 4M units of sand in a game.
Don't underestimate Plant FuelConsume at least hundred Plant Fuel by burning it.
Electromagnetic matrixProduce at least 43,200 Electromagnetic matrices per hour.
Employee of the monthUnlock upgrade allowing Sorters to carry six cargo at a time.
Energy matrixProduce at least 43,200 Energy matrices per hour.
Environmental nightmareDrop 3000 units of Titanium Ingot at once while flying through space.
EnvironmentalistComplete the game without using Foundations.
Faster than lightReach a sailing speed of 3000m/s in non-warp transportation.
Firing on all cylindersUnlock upgrade to decrease the mineral mining consumption rate to less than 15%.
Forgot about thatBuild Wind Turbines on a planet with no atmosphere.
Giant factoryReach a total power generation of 5GW.
Going nuclearGenerate more than 600MW of power on a planet using Mini Fusion Power Plants.
Got Deuterium?Use Fractionators to produce at least 100K Deuterium per hour on a single planet.
Gravity matrixProduce at least 43,200 Gravity matrices per hour.
Green powerProduce at least 43,200 Electromagnetic turbines per hour.
High-riseBuild a building at least seven stories tall.
I can see my house from here!Get Icarus 40m above sea level without entering flight mode.
I saw this in a movie onceCover a planet with a Foundation.
I'm gonna need more drones!Control ten or more Construction Drones.
I'm not tiltedFind and land on a planet rotating on a horizontal axis.
Icarus, PhDUnlock all technologies (upgrade Unlimited Technology at least once).
Infinite Factory IIIExceed a total energy consumption of 1PJ.
Infinite Factory IIExceed a total energy consumption of 1TJ.
Infinite Factory IExceed a total energy consumption of 1GJ.
Information matrixProduce at least 43,200 Information matrices per hour.
Intergalactic logisticsEstablish five Interstellar Logistics Transportation lines between different planetary systems.
Interstellar convoyHave at least fifty Interstellar Logistics Vessels in space.
Know any campfire songs?Consume at least fourty wood by burning it.
Large factoryReach a total power generation of 1GW.
Lean mean cleaning machineUse Icarus' garbage clearing function to absorb 50,000 units of Iron Ingot at the same time.
Let there be light!Light an Artificial Star on the North and South Pole of the original planet, an Ice Field Gelisol Planet, and the eternal night side of a tide-locked planet.
Light-footedUnlock upgrade to make mecha reach 12m/s movement speed.
Like a diamond in the skyLight a star that belongs to you in the Milky Way View.
Low batteryHave Icarus' energy below 5% for more than three minutes when on the ground.
MagpieDiscover seven kinds of rare minerals, and collect at least ten by hand.
Maximum efficiencyBuild and maintain hundred Ray Receivers with a receiving efficiency of over 85%.
Medium factoryReach a total power generation of 100MW.
Memento!Don't dismantle the landing capsule before completing the game.
Mineral field depletedDeplete one Vein.
Minerals by the dozenCover at least twelve Veins with one Mining machine.
Mission accomplishedComplete the game.
Mission impossible!Complete the game within ten hours on x1 (or less) resource difficulty.
My planet, my rules!Name a planet.
Nice Surprise 1Obtain at least hundred Titanium Ore by collecting Stone.
Nice Surprise 2Obtain at least hundred Silicon Ore by collecting Stone.
Nice Surprise 3Obtain at least hundred Organic Crystals by collecting plants.
Nice Surprise 4Obtain at least hundred Sulfuric Acid by collecting plants.
Nice Surprise 5Obtain at least ten Carbon Nanotubes by collecting plants.
No coal? No problem!Generate more than 60MW of electricity on a planet using Wind Turbines.
No diving!Have a mecha run out of energy and fall into water.
Now BoardingHave at least hundred Logistics Drones for a planet in transit.
One giant leap for mankind!Leave the original planet and land on another within an hour.
Only impossible until it's notStart warp engine.
Planet Explorer IILand on fifteen different planets!
Planet Explorer ILand on five different planets!
Power surgeUse twelve Wireless Power Towers to charge a mecha at the same time.
Running on fumesManually collect twenty Hydrogen with Icarus on a Gas Giant while energy is at 5% or less.
Sail away with meUnlock upgrade to make the Solar Sail last two hours.
Secrets of the universe IIUpload a total of 10M Universe matrices.
Secrets of the universe IUpload a total of 1M Universe matrices.
Slip 'n' slideFill ten tanks of fluid in a game.
Small factoryReach a total power generation of 20MW.
Solar Sail? No thank you!Complete the game without launching a Solar Sail.
Sonic boom!Exceed a sailing speed of 340m/s in the atmosphere.
Space invadersUse the mineral burial function to bury at least twenty Veins.
Space junkExhaust both fuel and energy while flying in space.
Structure matrixProduce at least 43,200 Structure matrices per hour.
SunbatherGenerate more than 180MW of electricity on a planet using Solar Panels.
The sun rises in the... West?Find and land on a planet rotating on a reverse axis.
Tickets please!Establish an Interstellar Logistics Transportation line.
Universe factoryReach a total power generation of 50GW.
Universe matrix, Blue BeltProduce at least 108,000 Universe matrices per hour.
Universe matrix, Green BeltProduce at least 43,200 Universe matrices per hour.
Universe matrix, Yellow BeltProduce at least 21,600 Universe matrices per hour.
We can make it if we tryBuild a Dyson Sphere around a Red Giant star with a power generation performance of more than 10GW.
We have lift-offLaunch a total of 30,000 Small Carrier Rockets.
Well traveledTravel to at least 32 planetary systems in a game.
What time is it?Find and land on a planet with day and night tidal locking.
Where no coal has gone beforeUse coal as the only fuel to move from one planet to another.
Who approved this?Unlock technology to make the construction latitude of the Dyson Sphere node reach 45 degrees.
x0.5 Resource completionComplete the game on x0.5 resource difficulty.