Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest


Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
AdhimuktiPlaying without tutorial.
AgniFinish 2 puzzles without skipping.
AgniFinish 4 puzzles without skipping.
AgniFinish 6 puzzles without skipping.
ArjunaBring down all three mangoes in just 3 tries.
Avara CaraComplete Creeks Mansion Level without using hint.
ChanakyaComplete the game without skipping mini-games.
DamakaTame magical flying peacock.
DevarupinComplete the main story on the Expert Level.
DrasttaFind 1 morphing object.
DronaCollect all achievements.
GarudaFind all morphing objects.
GuruSolve puzzle in less than 1 minute.
HOP PatiComplete the game without using a hint in the HOPs.
KarmaComplete the game in 10 hrs.
KarmaComplete the main story in 4 hrs.
KaushikFind out who wrecked Indus Valley Worlds.
Ma CaraCompleted the main and bonus stories without using hint.
Matr RaksaPick all memory collectables in the game.
Na SucitaComplete 1 HOP without using a hint.
Na SucitaComplete 10 HOP's without a hint.
Na SucitaComplete 3 HOP's without a hint.
Na SucitaComplete 5 HOP's without a hint.
NirmoktrComplete the jigsaw puzzles in Mohenjo-daro.
PathakaUnveiled the masked man.
PathikaVisit 4 Indus Worlds.
PrarambhaThe Long Journey.
RaksakaComplete the soldier puzzle without using hint.
RakshakSave Sophia.
Sama kantaFinish an HOP using only Match 3.
SamayaComplete the tablet mini-game without using hint.
SiddhiUse Fast travel via the map.
SitaPick 1 memory collectable in the game.
TartaritiComplete the game without skipping dialogues and cutscenes.
UdghatinGot out of the treasure room.
UpalambhakaFind 33 objects.
VayuComplete a HO game in 150 secs.
VayuComplete a HO game in 30 secs.
VayuComplete a HO game in 90 secs.
VigrahaDecrypt Indus scripts and unravel the untold Naga history.

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