Comit the Astrodian

Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Desert AttackCleared Planet Sandpit.
Enemy DestroyerDestroy 100 Enemies.
FrozenCleared Planet Frost.
Hard RainCleared Planet Stormside.
InterstellarCleared Starship Krater.
Red Star Collector 25Collect 25 Red Stars.
Red Star Collector 50Collect 50 Red Stars.
Red Star Collector 5Collect 5 Red Stars.
SunshineCleared Planet Sunburst.
The BeachCleared Planet Wave.
The TownCleared Planet Automata.
Tropic ThunderCleared Planet Tropika.
TurbulenceCleared Planet Cloud.
VolcanoCleared Planet Magmo.
Yellow Star Collector 1000Collect 1000 Yellow Stars.
Yellow Star Collector 500Collect 500 Yellow Stars.
Yellow Star CollectorCollect 100 Yellow Stars.

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