Coin Pusher Casino (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
BeginnerPlay 5 levels.
Big businessDrop 1,000,000 coins.
Big spenderSpend 1.000.000 credits in the shops.
Casino KaiserWin all levels on Casino difficulty.
Coin collectorBuy 10 different coins in the shop.
CollectorWin 10 collectibles.
EarthshakerUse the Earthquake 10 times.
First lossLose a game. Sorry.
First tieAt least you didn't lose!
First winWay to go, you've got some profit!
Fun Fair FairyWin all levels on Fun Fair difficulty.
Gold bugLoot 100 gold bars.
HoarderSelect 10+ coins to play with.
King Of CoinersWin all levels on Coiner difficulty.
King of perksGet all the perks.
Lean backWin a game by only using autoplay.
MagnetoUse the Magnet 10 times.
MasterPlay 100 levels. The student has become the master.
MillionaireFeeling rich.
Prolay 50 levels. Practice makes perfect.
RookiePlay 10 levels. Those are rookie numbers!
Silver squeezerLoot 100 silver bars.
Skilluuuh Stopuuuuh!You found the skill stop button!
Tactical advantageYou've bought your first perk.
Tactician5 perks in the pocket - you're on a roll!
Taking chancesI wonder what's in this chest?
TherapyPlay 3 days in a row.
Treasure hunterOpen 10 chests - yarr.
Uncle ScroogeLoot 1000 money rolls.
WindmakerUse the Tornado 10 times.
Zen masterPlay 100 zen levels. You are so zen right now!