Card Shark (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
3 Stab MonteEncounter the sharp end of the countryside.
A Lucky Streak?Win seven tables in a row.
A Slippery SlopeIncrease the bet at least twice.
At Least The Hay Is ComfortableBe bested by the three losers in the barn.
Back From The BrinkReturn to the world of the living for the first time.
Brains And BrawnTrain with the Chevalier without making a mistake.
Butter FingersFail every technique at least once.
Cake Costs CoveredSpare money for the camp fund.
Comeback KidBeat Theodore at his game.
Comedy MacabreBring a joyful tear to Death's eye.
Corrective MeasuresCorrect one of your shuffling mistakes.
Croupier For HirePerfectly time your deal.
Death-BothererGreet the Lady of Bones ten times.
Do I Know You?Test the limits of your disguise.
Early PointillismMark a card with eight or more paint marks.
Earning Your KeepPull off the first scam of your journey.
Erdnase, Who?Finish the game without losing a single round.
From Rags To RichesHold on to 1500 coins.
Hat TrickComplete three card tosses in a row.
Hot SeatFling a card on the Colonel's seat.
I Can See My Face In This!Wipe the table for five seconds.
In The End, Death Takes It AllGive your save file to the Lady of Bones.
Jack Of All TradesEarn every Strategy Card in the game.
LandlubberPay the full price of the voyage.
Let The Chips Fall Where They MayPlay honestly during the final round of Versailles.
Long Live The KingCheat for the King during the final round in Versailles.
Look At Me. I Am The Comte Now!You got the stronger hand, for once.
Mortal UsurperTake a seat in the Lady of Bones' throne.
Ms Porterhouse AvengedRidicule Colonel Gabriel.
No Stone Left UnturnedReplay the game after finishing it.
Not For SaleInspect all the paintings in Belle's workshop.
Now For A Lie DownComplete the last tutorial of the game.
Party TrickMaster the Ineffective Shuffle.
Pearl StirrerTurn the bandits against each other.
Pipped At The PostGet caught cheating during the final round in Versailles.
Playtime Is OverSkip five tutorials.
Sloppy ServiceMake a glass overflow five times.
Social ButterflyEncounter every character in the game.
Speed DemonBeat Card Shark's tester's time (2:12:40).
Spoil-SportFind the Queen in the introduction to Three Card Monte.
Striking OutCheat for yourself during the final round in Versailles.
The Camp's CaretakerTeach Kepplinger a lesson.
The HedgehogInjog five times in the same deck.
The Hero With A Thousand FacesCheat for Erdnase during the final round in Versailles.
The MasochistDie in six different ways.
The Rambling ManWalk a total of 1000 steps.
The Sticky CardGive yourself the card you kept back in Sticky Hand.
The Tardy OptimistLoiter mid-game in a backroom or cellar.
This Casino Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of UsSabotage the other cheat's ploy.
To Me!Toast yourself.
Vive La RévolutionCheat for the Comte during the final round in Versailles.
What Goes Around Comes AroundPut the Red Lion in a cage.