Berserk Boy (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Annoyed into SubmissionUnlock the Soaring Wind Form!
Berserk Boy, more like High Score, Boy!!Get over 60,000 score in any stage!
Chill out, Ice Kunai...Unlock the Ice Kunai Form!
Combo King!Get a 50 hit combo!
Dark energy conquered!Reach the credits. Thank you for playing.
EX-TREME BOY!Clear all EX-Stages!
Extinguished Flame Drill! Burn to the groundUnlock the Flame Drill Form!
GO BERSERK!Save the day for the first time!
Gotta... collect them all!Collect 75 Medals!
I'll play some more!Collect 50 medals!
Mega Mine Buster's been busted!Unlock the Mine Buster Form!
Okay, you're an EX-pert!Achieve S rank on all EX-Stages.
POWER LEVEL OVER... RANK A?Achieve S rank for the first time!
Resistance TrainingGet 100% Resistance in 6 stages!
Shopping Spree!Purchase all upgrades from Dr.Quinn.
Show offAchieve S rank on all stages.
The Adventure Begins!Begin your adventure.
The Anime Ending!Restore peace to New Hope City.
Time to grind!Purchase your first upgrade from Dr.Quinn.
We'll meet again!Defeat Genos?...
World Peace!You've rescued everyone in the resistance!