Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
All about the back doorTake down 100 enemies.
All aloneBeat Special Delivery in 90 seconds.
AloneBeat "Bringing Down the House" in 120 seconds.
Beat Game49Obligatory Beat Achievement.
Become AverageDon'ts be squealin' 'bouts my boozin!
Call tech supportUse 50 ECMs.
Cleanup aisle 2Blow up 10 enemies.
Don't get cockyCock gun 1 time.
Gratuitous CockingCock gun 50 times.
He's allBeat "Breaking New Ground" in 75 seconds.
He's going forBeat "Who's Next" in 180 seconds.
He's goingBeat "I thought I was out..." in 30 seconds.
He's on fire!Kill 200 enemies.
Heating upKill 50 enemies.
Hiding something?Use 1 ECM.
Immediate GratificationOut of the Steam backlog.
In hisBeat "Smoke on the Water" in 150 seconds.
Interactive MadnessTake down 10 enemies.
Like a bitchDie in cover.
NeedBeat "The Death of a Behemoth" in 75 seconds.
No one can hide from my sightGet spotted by 20 cameras.
Pop goes the CherryKill an enemy.
STFUUse the noise maker 20 times.
Shhhhhhh.........Take down one enemy.
Some dirty jokeCock gun 100 times.
SpeedBeat "Tip of the Iceberg" in 45 seconds.
The DistanceBeat "Best Served Cold" in 60 seconds.
Time ofBeat "Fire in the Sky" in 120 seconds.
Well that's just excessiveBlow up 100 enemies.

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