Attack Heroes

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
6-2Level 6-2 complete.
6-6Level 6-6 complete.
6-7Level 6-7 complete.
7-7Level 7-7 complete.
Area 10Area 10 clear.
Area 11Area 11 clear.
Area 1Area 1 clear.
Area 2Area 2 clear.
Area 3Area 3 clear.
Area 4Area 4 clear.
Area 5Area 5 clear.
Area 6Area 6 clear.
Area 7Area 7 clear.
Area 8Area 8 clear.
Area 9Area 9 clear.
Dong ZhuoBeat Dong Zhuo.
Gan NingBeat Gan Ning.
Gold10000 gold.
Gold2000 gold.
Gold20000 gold.
Gold5000 gold.
Gold50000 gold.
Guan Yu1Beat Guan Yu.
HeroHero level 10.
HeroHero level 20.
HeroHero level 30.
HeroHero level 40.
HeroHero level 50.
HeroHero level 60.
HeroHero level 70.
HeroHero level 80.
HeroHero level 90.
HeroHero level 99.
Le JinBeat Le Jin.
Lv BuBeat Lv Bu.
Star10 stars.
Star100 stars.
Star20 stars.
Star30 stars.
Star40 stars.
Star5 stars.
Star50 stars.
Star60 stars.
Star70 stars.
Star80 stars.
Star90 stars.
Tai SiciBeat Tai Sici.
Xia HoudunBeat Xia Houdun.
Zhang FeiBeat Zhang Fei.
Zhang JiaoBeat Zhang Jiao.
Zhou Tai1Beat Zhou Tai.