Against All Odds (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
BallerPurchase a Legendary item from any shop.
Bold First StepStart building a new stage in Creative mode.
Branching TangleReach the end of Branching Tangle.
Combustion CycleReach the end of Combustion Cycle.
CompetitorReach Level 10.
Cosmic ChaosReach the end of Cosmic Chaos.
Creator of WorldsPublish a stage in Creative mode.
DebutComplete a matchmade game.
Dirty TacticsKill an opponent in a matchmade game with an attack.
Enter the GameshowComplete the Tutorial after creating a character.
Fast and FuriousWin a matchmade Race game.
First of ManyWin a matchmade game.
First-Time BuyerPurchase any item from any shop.
Floating FrayReach the end of Floating Fray.
HustlerWin a matchmade Gold Rush game.
Ice RinkReach the end of Ice Rink.
Jungle GymReach the end of Jungle Gym.
Learning the RopesReach Level 5.
Massacre MileReach the end of Massacre Mile.
Midnight HeightsReach the end of Midnight Heights.
Nothing SeriousComplete a custom game.
One To WatchReach Level 25.
Out of the BoxComplete 10 matches with custom stages.
Party PlannerComplete a custom game with 2 or more players using a stage you created.
Patient ZeroWin a matchmade Zombies game.
Popularity ParadeReach 1000 total plays on a stages you've published.
PurgatoryReach the end of Purgatory.
Retro RallyReach the end of Retro Rally.
Rising HeatReach the end of Rising Heat.
Serial KillerKill opponents 10 times in a single matchmade game.
Sponsored for SuccessPurchase a Sponsorship.
Two Steps AheadKill an opponent in a matchmade game by defending an incoming attack.
VeteranReach Level 50.
Whirly DirlyReach the end of Whirly Dirly.
WildfireReach the end of Wildfire.