Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii)

"+" items

Defeat high ranked monsters online to obtain "+" items.

Distracting Bosses

Bring Cha-Cha when fighting a Boss.

Getting Stolen Items Back

Felynes and Melynxes steal your items from time to time. If this happens, quickly hit them and they will return the stolen item. If they happen to get away with something important to you, you can still get it back. On every map there is a large cat statue positioned somewhere. Normally if you check it, nothing is found, but under the circumstances above, you will find your item again.

Item combinations

Combine the indicated ingredients to get the corresponding item.

Air Philter: Airweed + Catalyst
Ancient Potion: Immunizer + Kelbi Horn
Antidote: Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
Cleanser: Popfish + Catalyst
Cool Drink: Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug
Demondrug: Might Seed + Catalyst
Drugged Meat: Raw Meat + Sleep Herb
Energy Drink: Honey + Nitroshroom
Goldenfish Bait: Sneakbee Larvae + FireFly
Herbal Medicine: Bitter Bug + Cactus Flower
Immunizer: Dragon Toadstool + Catalyst
Iron Pickaxe: Iron Ore + Bone
Large Barrel Bomb: Gun Powder + Large Barrel
Mega Air Philter: Airweed + Dash Extract
Mega Nutrients: Nutrients + Honey
Mega Pickaxe: Machalite Ore + Bone
Mega Potion: Potion + Honey
Might Pill: Might Seed + Immunizer
Net: Ivy + Spiderweb
Nutrients: God Bug + Blue Mushroom
Old Pickaxe: Stone + Bone or Stone + Mystery Bone
Oxygen Supply: Airweed + Bomb Casing
Paintball: Sap Plant + Paintberry
Pit Trap: Net + Trap Tool
Pitfall Trap: Traptool + Net
Potion: Herb + Blue Mushroom
Shock Trap: Thunderbug + Trap Tool
Small Barrel Bomb: Gunpowder + Small Barrel
Sonic Bomb: Bomb Casing + Screamer
Tinged Meat: Raw Meat + Parashroom
Tranquilizer Bomb: Tranquilizer + Bomb Casing
Tranquilizer: Sleep Herb + Parashroom

Kelby Horns

Stun a Kelby with a shield bash or a sword slap. Carve them while they are stunned to get a Kelby Horn.

Live Bait

When fighting a boss, it helps to take Cha-Cha along with you. Why? Because he makes a great distraction for the boss.

Offline awards

Complete the indicated tasks in an offline game to unlock the corresponding award.

Argosy License: Trade in all seven Rare Commodities to the Argosy Captain.
Champion's Badge: Complete all coliseum challenges.
Chief's Garb: Complete Village quests 1 through 3.
Chief's Pipe: Complete all Village quests.
Farm Certificate: Upgrade the farm to the maximum level.
Gem of the Depths: Slay a Ceadeus.
Giant Crown: Get a Silver Crown on all Village Monsters except Ceadeus.
Lackey Testimonial: Raise Cha-Cha to level 30.
Old Childhood Mask: Collect all Cha-Cha masks and learn all dances.
Scroll of the Sage: Complete at least ten pages of the Combination List.
Tidal Necklace: Hunt a Lagiacrus.
Vow of Brotherhood: Upgrade all ships to level 3.

Offline awards

Complete the indicated tasks in an online game to unlock the corresponding award.

Alatreon's Ring: Slay Alatreon.
Arena Trophy: Complete a City Tournament with at least an "A" rank.
Artisan's Hammer: Create many weapons and armors of Rarity 6 or 7.
Bionomical Report: Capture all Boss monsters except Elder Dragons.
Copper Medal: Complete City quests 1 through 3.
Decorative Plaque: Develop at least eighteen types of interior decorations.
Gold Medal: Complete all City quests.
Jhen Crystal: Slay the Jhen Mohran.
King's Crown: Hunt all large sized (gold) monsters.
Miniature Crown: Hunt all small sized (gold) monsters.
Silver Medal: Complete City quests 4 through 6.
Tome of Legend: Record notes on all monsters or Complete at least 13 pages of the Tome.

Phantom deer

Hit a deer twice in a row with a great sword (Iron Sword, Bone Sword, etc.). Hit the deer once more to ensure that it has been defeated. You will still see stars around its head even though it is dead. When it regains consciousness (the stars will be gone), it will get up, run away, and disappear.

Retrieving stolen items

When a Felyne or Melynxe steals an item, quickly hit them to get it back. If they get away with your item, find the large cat statue on the map. Search there to find the stolen item.

Section 7 shortcut

Once at camp, go behind the red delivery box and go through the entrance to reach Section 7 quickly.

Section 9 shortcut

Leave camp by going down to the dock. Jump in the water and swim downward through the tunnel to reach Section 9 quickly.

Shortcut in Sandy Plains

Once you arrive at camp, go behind the red delivery box and through the entrance and you will arrive at Section 7.

Shortcut to Section 6

From the Water Forest, head the opposite way from the road -- out towards the backside of the sleeping tent. Walk into the water and look for an underwater tunnel to take you to area 6.

Trapping and Capturing

Playing the single player mode is a great idea, especially through the missions where you have to capture beasts. "Capturing" is an important skill to learn, and nothing makes you look like an awful player online like picking up a trap in the supply box and immediately setting it down on the ground. If no one has materials, the mission is pretty much failed.

Three steps for trapping:

(1) Weaken the monster until it is limping,

(2) drop a trap either in a path where it will go or while it is sleeping,

(3) hit it a bunch of times with tranq bombs/tranq bullets until you get mission complete. Stronger monsters (meaning both less damaged/more powerful) need more tranq shots.

Wii Online Operations

You can only send someone a friend request by sending them a message, and you can only send a message to another player when they're online. It's annoying but at least once they're on your list they stay on your list. Note that messages in your inbox are deleted when you go offline. Unfortunately, you can also only send messages/add friends when the person is in a city and not on a quest.

When you create a character, you are immediately put in Moga village in the single player form. If you want to jump straight to online, choose "Quit Game" and then select the option "Mode Select." When you are at the mode select screen, choose "City" (the option on the right).