Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Retsuden 2 (Nintendo DS)

Exploration Mode

This is the mode that you can unlock after you beat the game.

Unlockable Characters

Follow instructions to unlock new characters:

CharacterHow to Unlock
DeidaraComplete sidequest 2 - Instead of going South to find Sai, go East, then North-West to find Shino. He will give you sidequest 2
Four Tail Kyuubi NarutoClear all 30 floors of Exploration Mode with all 10 characters on normal difficulty.
Hoshigaki KisameComplete sidequest 1 - see Uchiha Itachi
KabutoWin 15 battles in Survival Mode
Legendary SanninWin 15 battles in Survival Mode
Non - Shippuden CharactersWin 15 battles in Survival Mode in difficult
One Tail Kyuubi NarutoComplete story mode in difficult
Sasuke (s)Beat story on any difficulty
True Form SasoriComplete sidequest 2 - see Deidara
Uchiha ItachiComplete Sidequest 1 - Instead of going South in story mode to find Sai, go East to do the sidequest