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Beach Rally

Cheats & Hints for Beach Rally - Mobile - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.
When ya gotta switch from the 4 button to the 6 button,keep your index finger on the 5,and use your thumb (4) or middle finger (6). It'll work better and you'll be able to get a really high score. - Sent by [FireElementLord]

Here are a couple of tips, I find handy for winning and best times :

1) Try to get as many powerups as humanely possible!

2) Use the ramps (they give you height, avoiding crashes).

3) Use two-player mode, you get two chances for winning and best time.

4) I have also found, that in a sexist kind of way, the boy player usually does better than the girl player. - Sent by [starry_stef]

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