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Transformers: Earth Wars

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Transformers: Earth Wars on iPhone iPod

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You will quickly reach your Alloy and Energon limits quickly at first because the missions will usually offer about 1,000 each as rewards. Spend most of your resources before reaching those caps so nothing is wasted. Also consider upgrading your Alloy and Energon storage buildings as early as possible.

Each transformer belongs to a specific a class. For example, on the Autobot side, Ironhide is considered a Warrior class transformer. Warriors have a lot of health, but they move slowly and deal less damage. Jetfire is an Air class transformer. Air transformers deal a lot of damage from medium range, but have less health. Use them where their roles will have the best effect. Gunner class Transformer's specialize in sending artillery fire over walls. Complete Chapter 1 to get your first "Special" class transformer. Autobot players will get Optimus Prime. Each Special class has a unique skill that can be used in battle. Optimus Prime's is Inspiring Charge, which is similar to Ironhide's charge, except all bots will follow him to his target.

Cyber Coins are the game's premium currency. Complete the achievements to earn them. Save 2,000 Cyber Coins to purchase an additional build bot.

Before sending your Transformers into enemy bases, study the layout of their base and develop a strategy. Choose paths that can be exploited.


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