Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Changing your appearance

You can change the color of your hair, eyes, skin, make-up, lipstick and nail polish at any time. Tap the clothes hanger icon to enter the Clothes store. Tap the head icon. A new head icon and an eye icon will appear to the left of it. The customizable options for skin and eye color are located here. You can change your hair color in the new hairstyle menu, and all the other options are found in the last category. Note: You cannot change the colors of your clothes.


Go to meet and greets and flirt with people to add them as contacts for dating or network with them to help you with professional work. Once you have a few contacts, check their fan following and list status and actively date them. After some time Kim will also set you up on date with one of her friends. You can choose your type, starting with Sporty or Artistic. If you have enough charms, you can get Kim to set you up with a special date. Choose a date that has more fans and is a higher celebrity listing than yourself. This will increase your fans and help you gain experience faster. To have a successful date, you must dress well, have lots of energy, and have money to spend. Dates last one hour, limiting your time to make a good impression. Each dating task requires energy, and the tasks vary in the amount of energy needed. The goal for a successful date is to fill the heart meter within the hour. Filling four hearts results in a perfect date. Romantic Glances and Kissing do not cost a lot of energy, and they add to your meter in small amounts. If you have the money to spend, use it on the chef's special, fancy wine or dessert (which are all low in energy cost), but you will have to spend more to get the added benefit of a larger increase in the heart meter. If you do not have a lot of money, but are well stocked in energy, select Flirting, Romantic Glances and Kissing. Having a successful date will raise your fan following, create more opportunities, and increase your experience.


Energy regenerates every six minutes. Do not start multiple energy requiring missions (dates or photo shoots or jobs for extra money) at the same time. Finish one, complete it, and then progress to the next one after your energy is restored. Because energy is difficult to obtain, do not use more than the minimum required to complete a date, photo shoot, or job. Anticipate how many stars or hearts you will receive based on the number of energy points required. The more energy you spend, the more you will get. For example, if you only have five energy when running out of time on a date, do not select an action that expends it all because you will not be able to complete the star bonus.

Halloween Event Tips

The LA Halloween items refresh every 4 hours and may give you free candies. Kim's house has 5 Halloween items you can tap. The best place to recharge your energy without going from location to location is Las Vegas. It has 5 items to tap: 3 outside, the bottle next to the bartender in Chateau Nuit, and the wine bottle in Miraggio Grande. You can throw parties to get candies as well. If you invite a contact and do "small talk," you receive 2 candies. The best place to throw one is Miami, where you can invite 4 contacts. Do "small talk," wait about an hour, and then do "small talk" again. That will get you 16 candies, and getting 5 stars at the party will give you an additional 15. It might vary depending on your Halloween bonus.

House parties for events

For future weekend house party events, here's a suggestion for getting it done quickly to get the free awards at the end (if you don't have the energy cheat):

Buy the Calabasas Mansion. It's the only house you can invite 7 guests and its the guests that will help you on this. Start with full energy. Select 8 hour party and Invite 7 guests from your professional contacts. Go to each guest and tap "Small talk" with each. It's 5 stars but you will get 1 energy and 1 large Purple Heart in return. Tap on anything that requires 4 energy after you chat with guests. You'll be halfway through the challenge now and have used 32 energy bolts. Wait 1 hour - during the hour, travel and tap all free spots to refill your energy. After an hour, Return to Calabasas mansion and the "small talk" icon should reappear above each guest. This takes an hour to reset but you can take your time. You'll need 28 energy bolts to complete the 2nd part. Tap the "small talk" icon for all 7 guests. And you're done. Bonus: always chat with professional contacts when they have a blue star in the chat bubble. Tap the star to get 5 points regardless of their level. These points will eventually win you bonus rewards like K coins, 5 free energy bolts and cash for 4 levels of "Industry" achievements at different spots (250, 500, 750, 1000 I think that's the level system).

Here's what you'll get with this method:

8 hr party = 34 purple stars (20 Purple stars + 14 purple stars from "small talk" (2x with 7 guests). Must allow an hour.
3 hr party = 21 purple stars (12 purple stars for getting 5 stars at completion + 8 purple stars from "small talk" - once with 7 guests/ twice with 1 guest). must allow 1 hour.

Both take an hour to reset the Small Talk icon but the 8 hour party lets you get 14 additional stars as long as you tap the small talk icon twice plus a 4 energy icon.

How to change your name

Many people have been wondering how to change your name on the Kim K app. All you need to do is go to Maria's office and click on her speech bubble. She will ask if you want a name change. Warns you that changing your name will mean losing 30% of your fan base. She gives you three choices do it anyway. Spend 30 K stars and lose 0 fans or never mind.

Leveling up fast

If you're an a lister and you want to level up quick to unlock more clothing and accessories ect... First try to memorize everyone's name on your contact list that you don't really use and that you run into a lot (in bars and restaurants) then delete them. Next go into a restaurant or bar or whatever and click on the person and instead of introducing yourself guess their name and if you guess right you will get people points in the amount of whatever level you are on. Granted sometimes if you don't know who they are you might get their name wrong but just remember who they are and guess again. Next once these people are added to your contact list DELETE them and repeat the process over and over again...guess, delete, guess, delete, just make sure not to accidentally erase your boyfriend like I did... I was so mad I lost all of my dating progress... Anyways I was at level 15 and in 3 weeks I got to level 32! Oh and anytime you guys find a great glitch and want to keep it working just cancel your updates on the game, so that way it won't update and fix the "bugs"... Well hope this helps someone else out there I have been playing this game for 1 year and some change now...


Perform tasks to earn money. Available tasks are indicated at the top left side, and are marked with a check. Tap the check to view details about that task. To travel to your destination, scroll to the far right and tap on the bus stop icon. After arriving, you will be given a brief description of the task. You then will be able to complete task by selecting a series of actions. Each action uses a varying amount of energy. With each action performed during a task, you will be rewarded with money, energy and stars which can be collected by tapping them. You can find bonus money, as well as energy and k-star points, by tapping bushes, trees, and other objects throughout the different settings. When you end up not having enough star rating or love rating to perform a desired action, take the longest shift available at your workplace and complete it for extra money. Then, spend it on new clothes.


Search the ground for objects that you can collect for later use.


Adopt a pet when you get a new place to live to get bonuses that include energy and money.

Secret places to get energy list (in California)

Downtown LA: Bike, pigeon, cash register cat (if bought)
Beverly Hills: Hydrant, coffee sign, tree outside Kim's Mansion. In panino: Leftmost bottle
Hollywood: leftmost tree, Brew Palms sign, Hydrant. In Brew palms: leftmost bottle again.
Calabasas: hanging plants (both) flower pot outside Kardash. In Kardash: mannequin in white outfit.
LAX: Suitcase, cash register, pigeon. In airport: Suitcase

Another hint: When energy/cash/level up points come out, click them straight away to decrease wait time for energy by 5 seconds. Happy collecting.

Speaking with others

Use the mean responses when necessary. Using the mean instead of the nice responses will still result in the same amount of money. Talk to everyone to get every opportunity to further your career. When talking to a character, if the "Use charm" option appears, use it. It guarantees you get the best possible outcome, but costs one K Coin. Spend money on many items as you can afford to increase your Star rating or Heart/Love rating. Items do not need to match in order to get the bonuses. Always wear the best star items to get the maximum bonus.

Star Power

Change clothes to get noticed by the local paparazzi, which increases your Star Power. The more expensive the clothing, the more likely you are to be noticed. To change clothing, tap the coat-hanger icon at the bottom right side.

Various Game Center Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

AchievementHow to unlock
E-List (5 points)Not really a celebrity, but not really a nobody.
Fierce (15 points)Looking good never...Looked so good.
Foodie (15 points)Take all you want, but eat all you take.
The Look (15 points)Make-up is the photo shop of real life.

Various Tips and Tricks

Remember that in the world of Kim Kardashian, to increase your star power, you need the paparazzi to notice you.

If you don't have enough star power yet to complete a quest, you can go make some extra money by working at the So Chic department store.

Work is simple: the longer the shift, the more money you make and the more experience points you gain.

New clothing items will either add to your star power or to your love power. Keep in mind that star power will help you network with people who are on a higher list while Love power will help you be able to date those on higher lists.

Spend a K coin in a discussion with someone to use your charm power on them.

Pick up everything and anything that you see you never know when it will be needed.

Talk to everyone because anyone of them might be the next person that will help you get further in your career.

Adopting a pet will reward you with bonuses, including money and energy.

Working with others in a project

When you're doing a project, you get the option to call a friend or get a friend to help you. This is the blue bubble thing with a '+' icon in it. You can choose to get a game centre friend to help you or an in-game friend (that's why you should ALWAYS get peoples numbers even if they're E-star). If you only have one option of a person, choose that one (even an Elist is okay), but if you have the option of two always choose the one with the highest rating (e.g; if there's an A star and a c star, choose the Astar). If they're both the same it doesn't matter. Once you've chosen the person, there should be a bubble very close to them (usually on their head) and it'll say something that you can do together (eg, 'strut the runway together') and do it if you have the energy (if not wait) and you should get about double the experience stars.

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