Hammer Bomb (iPhone iPod)



Killing enemies will result in extra experience at the end of a level. You should be able to find enough chests and weapons to allow you to kill all the enemies on the floor without difficulty. When facing an enemy without a weapon, you can swipe down rapidly to "dance" in place. This makes your character spin in place. Continue doing this until the enemy leaves.


Do not leave the dungeon until it has been fully explored. If reach the exit directly, there may be secret quests, crystals, soldiers to rescue, chests, and more actions that will be missed. The more things done before completing a dungeon, the more experience you will be awarded.


Between each floor of the dungeon, you will have the chance to purchase upgrades at the shop. Upgrades will last between deaths. Consider purchasing the "Radar I" upgrade first for 150 coins. It causes enemies to appear as red squares on the mini-map when they are near.


Do not waste weapons. If you collect more of the currently equipped weapon, you will instead gain more ammo. However, if you collect a different type of weapon, your current weapon will be wasted. Consider using all your weapons before picking up new ones.