Geometry Dash

Second Vault Secrets

Also functions in GD World.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
1st CubeType "Octocube".
2nd Cube1st: Type "Cod3breaker". 2nd: Pay attention to the 6 numbers. 3rd: Subtract each number (B-A C-B D-C E-D F-E). Last: Type yer result.
3rd CubeType "Brain Power".
4th CubeType Yer Amount of Stars.
Coin1st: Go the 2.0 Vault. 2nd: Click until appears a text that says "Ya made fun of Sparky...". 3rd: Go to the 2.1 Vault and Type "Glubfub".
Finn the Human CubeType "Seven".
Not-so Dark Green ColorType "Thechickenisonfire".
Red ColorType "Gimmiethecolor".
The ChallengeType "The Challenge".

Third Vault (Chamber of Time)

To get the 3rd vault, you must beat The Challenge in the 2nd vault (Vault of Secrets.) A door will be unlocked, and youll see a face and it tells you to get 3 keys. Then, go to the Coming Soon! page and click on the dots below "download the soundtracks." A door will be revealed, but then you need to go to the secret shop (unlocked by 500 diamonds) and buy the Master emblem. go bback to the door at the coming soon page and there will be a vault and a chest. if you click the chest it gives you one key to unlock the prison.

darknessNew Icon.
hungerNew Icon.
riverNew Color.
silenceNew Icon.
volcanoNew Wave.

Vault Secrets

These are the words you may use to unlock things in the vault.

SecretHow to unlock
1st UFOType "Neverending"
2nd UFOType "Blockbite"
Another WaveType "Ahead"
CoinType "Sparky"
ILLUMINATI WaveType In Sequence: "8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84"
Lenny CubeType "Lenny"
Minion CubeType Your Username
RobotType "Robotop"
ShipType "Mule"
Shy Guy CubeType "Spooky"
TrailType "Gandalfpotter"

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