Gear.Club (iPhone iPod)

Tips to earn gold

Tip 1: You'll get a Connection Reward when you log into the game for the very first time on a new day. On days 3 and 6, you will earn a good amount of gold. Even if you do not intend on playing the game, make certain to launch it a minimum of once every day so you can get your connection reward. Your reward will reset back to day 1 if you miss out on any of the days. You need to remain constant with it!

Tip 2: If you handle to complete every race with 3 stars in a champion, you'll "best" the champion and get some bonus gold as an outcome. Not just is this worth it in its own right, however you're also making progress to the auxiliary achievements in the game like missions and achievements.

Tip 3: Have a Facebook account? Link it to Gear.Club! You'll get a good 50 gold bars right off the bat when you link for the very first time. Not just is this great, however having a Facebook account linked also doubles the amount of money and gold you obtain from the connection rewards discussed in pointer number 1. Linking your Facebook account is a great way to earn more gold if you do not mind it!

Tip 4: Missions can be accessed by tapping the clipboard with the checkmark on top right corner. Missions appointed by Jo frequently have gold as a reward, so constantly make sure to examine exactly what missions you have and do those. As you complete them, they'll be changed with new missions. Max's missions are timed however typically do not use gold, so you do not need to fret about these excessive.

Tip 5: Achievements are accessed by the medal button beside the missions. Achievements are similar to missions however they are fixed and will stay there till they are completed. You will most likely complete these achievements as you play the game usually, so you do not need to fret about heading out of your way to complete them. Just make certain to examine back from time to time to gather your gold rewards for any you've completed.