Galaxy Hunters (iPhone iPod)

Game Center Achievements

AchievementHow to unlock
ArmoredOwn a ship with all of the special weapons.
Banker IGet 1000 Space Credits.
Banker IIGet 10000 Space Credits.
Banker IIIGet 100000 Space Credits.
Choosy oneOwn 2 ships.
City lightsFinish all of the missions on the third planet (Xetril)
CollectorOwn all of the basic ships.
Destroyer IDestroy 50 enemy units.
Destroyer IIDestroy 100 enemy units.
Destroyer IIIDestroy 250 enemy units.
Destroyer IVDestroy 500 enemy units.
Destroyer VDestroy 1000 enemy units.
Destroyer VIDestroy 2000 enemy units.
Destroyer VIIDestroy 5000 enemy units.
Destroyer VIIIDestroy 10000 enemy units.
Good startBuy something in store using real money.
I am a LegendGet 100000 summary score.
I am a new godThe achievement unlocked when all of the others are.
IcebreakerFinish all of the missions on the fourth planet (Habos)
Mass destruction IDestroy 25 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction IIDestroy 50 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction IIIDestroy 150 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction IVDestroy 300 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction IXDestroy 10000 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction VDestroy 500 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction VIDestroy 1000 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction VIIDestroy 2000 enemy buildings.
Mass destruction VIIIDestroy 5000 enemy buildings.
MedalistGet all of the medals from basic planets.
My armor is a good armorFinish one of the missions with full health.
My first journeyFinish all of the missions on the first planet (Deris)
Practice makes perfectBeat your own high score on of the missions.
SurvivorFinish on of the missions with your health below 10%
Tank destroyer IDestroy 10 tanks.
Tank destroyer IIDestroy 50 tanks.
Tank destroyer IIIDestroy 100 tanks.
Tank destroyer IVDestroy 1000 tanks.
Through the wall IDestroy 10 electric walls.
Through the wall IIDestroy 50 electric walls.
Through the wall IIIDestroy 100 electric walls.
Through the wall IVDestroy 250 electric walls.
Time is preciousFinish any mission with the time under 1 minute.
Tropical vacationsFinish all of the missions on the second planet (Trython)