Flick Home Run (iPhone iPod)


Various Gameplay Tips

All balls move in a unique way. Try to guess their trajectory based on their type. So, for example, the green ball will make a curve when reaching you. The ninja ball will fire three balls at you and only one is the real ball you need to hit. The yellow one will stop mid-air and then continue.

If you touch the sunglasses on the left, you will see what type of ball comes next. However, you can only use that three times per level (at the beginning of the game), so use it wisely. Save it for when youíre in a tight spot and really need to hit the upcoming ball.

If the balls you hit donít reach the 100ft mark, your health bar at the top will start to decrease.

Hit balloons for a higher score. They are placed in such a way that if you aim for the highest balloons, the ball will take out a couple more on its way down.

Every balloon gives you additional 50 points.

There are three types of upgrades available to you. Batting eye increases the number of ball previews (by tapping the sunglasses); power increases the force with which you hit the balls; and contact enhances your chances of making a contact with the ball.

To unlock the major mode, you need to earn enough points in the minor mode. Obviously, the major mode is, therefore, much more demanding.