Disney Magical Racing Tour (Dreamcast)


Haunted Mansion shortcuts

After entering the mansion, drive through the fireplace with the green smoke coming out of it on the left to find a hidden passage.
Drive through approximately halfway through the track and drive up the stairs. Turn right, then turn right again. Drive approximately halfway through the hall, then enter the small corridor to the left. Drive through the picture to find another hidden passage.

Secret Door Trick

On the thunder mountain rail road stage drive down the road and you should see a ring. there are three. Drive through the rings and when you drive through the last ring look to the left and the pile of rocks will disappears before you go through the tunnel.

Splash Mountain Shortcut

There are two rings on the waterfall. Get them. Then after the water fall you will see the other ring, and a patch of vines to the right, right after the final ring. When you get that ring the vines will disappear. Go through the opening. But hurry! the opening closes soon.