Yeti Slide

Google Play Achievements

AchievementHow to unlock
2 Birds, 1 Stone!Beat two or more friend's scores in one run.
Awesome!Beat a friend's score.
Besties!Come back to Yeti Slide after 7 days.
Bird Magnet!Knock off 20 Birds in One Playthrough.
Bye Bye Birdie!Knock Off 50 Birds in One Playthrough.
Check it Out!Slide without knocking birds for 4 seconds.
Doing it Wrong!Slide past 30 Birds without Knocking them.
First FrostBeat 3 friend's scores with Yambo.
Fly You Fools!Knock Off 100 Birds.
Getting Your Grips!Slide passed 20 Carriages.
Heavy Hitter!Knock off 5 Birds in 5 consecutive playthroughs.
Ice DragonBeat 2 friend's scores in one playthrough with Yetiwulf.
Is it a Man or an Ape?Free Harry Bigfoot.
Jingle All the WayBeat 1 friend's score with Santa.
Nothing is Over...Free Yambo.
Old FriendsCome back to Yeti Slide after 24 hours.
The Big CheeseFree Santa.
The DragonFree Yetiwulf.
Weeeeeeee!Slide without jumping for 2.5 seconds.