World Truck Driving Simulator (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
1 000 000 kmYou have travelled your first 1 000 000 km.2000
10 Freights completedYou have completed 10 freights.500
100 000 kmYou have travelled your first 100 000 km.500
100 FreightsYou have completed 100 freights.1500
10th TruckYou have purchased your 10th Truck.1500
50 FreightsYou have completed 50 freights.500
A CascataNew Super Truck.500
American DreamThe American Dream.1500
AmericanHomeA fantastic truck to be your home on the road!3500
Beautiful german truckThis beautiful german truck to your garage.1500
BestWayThe Best Way on the road!3000
Big ClassicBig Classic Truck.3000
Big in size and powerThe oversize Truck with the most powerfull engine.5000
Developer Best FriendYou are now the best friend of the developer, thank you!10000
Developer friendYou now is a friend of the developer.5000
DisastrousYou are disastrous!500
First DeliveryYou have completed your first delivery.500
First TruckYou have purchased your first Truck.500
GlobeThe first "Globe".3000
King of the RoadKing of the Road.1500
KotrKing of the Road.1500
Mechanical orangeMechanical Orange.2500
New Gen HollNew Generation Truck from Holland.5000
New German TruckYou unlock the newest German truck to your garage.2500
NewAmericanA new american truck.1500
Nextgen2021A complete next generation truck.5000
Novice DriverNovice Driver.500
P just in the NameThe "darling" of Brazil - O queridinho do Brasil.3000
Professional DriverYou are a professional Driver!5000
TheStarThe only one star in the road!3500
Weekend driverYou have collided!500