Talking Tom Cat 2 (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Achy Breaky PawsPoke Tom's feet 100 times.1000
AngelDress Tom in Angel Wings and Halo.2000
Big SpenderSpend at least 10,000 gold coins.5000
Cake No MoreTake Tom's cake from his plate.1000
CliffhangerAlmost drop 1,000 times in total.1000
CopycatMake Tom repeat after Tom 100 times.1000
CowboyDress Tom in Cowboy Hat and Belt.2000
Experienced ClimberReach 1,000m in one game.1000
FashionistaBuy 10 items for Tom.3000
GamerPlay mini-game every day for 7 days.2000
Golden KittyCollect 150 gold coins in one game.2000
KingPut crown on Tom's head.3000
Lights OutKnock Tom down from the chandelier.1000
Movie DirectorRecord 3 videos in Talking Tom.1000
Party PooperMess with Tom's yoyo.1000
Persistent MountaineerClimb 1,000,000m in total.5000
Pillow FightHit Tom with the pillow 100 times.1000
PirateDress Tom in Pirate Hat and Eyepatch.2000
Purr Kitty PurrMake Tom purr 100 times.1000
Rookie ClimberReach 500m in one game.500
Roses Are RedTake Tom's rose from his hands.1000
Scared KittyMake Tom jump on the chandelier 100 times.1000
Screamy KittyGrab Tom's tail 100 times.1000
Slapstick KittySlap Tom 100 times.1000
Supreme ClimberReach 10,000m in one game.5000
Supreme GamerPlay mini-game every day for 30 days.8000
Talk InterruptedInterrupt Tom's repeating 50 times.1000
Talk Is CheapMake Tom repeat 100 times.1000
This StinksMake Ben fart 100 times.1000
Time Is RelativeBuy additional time 100 times.2000
Time On My PawsCollect 150 clocks in one game.2000
Unconscious KittyKnock Tom down 100 times.1000
Veteran ClimberReach 2,500m in one game.2000
Veteran GamerPlay mini-game every day for 14 days.4000
WarriorDress Tom in Samurai Hat and Sword.2000