Sky Garden (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Can't believe they did thisUpgrade 12 pots unsuccessfully.500
DecoratorDecorate a cloud with 6 decors.500
Fish fish!Catch a fish.500
Gem CollecterHave 100 gems.500
Hello, is anybody there?Enter the mine.500
Improve ProductionHave a machine upgraded to 3 yellow stars.500
It's getting crowded!Have 30 friends.500
It's show time!Watch an video ads.500
Meet some strangersJoin a guild.500
Mega hot!Have 6 Sun pots.500
New farmerFinish Tutorial.500
Novice ErrandShip 100 Orders.500
PhilanthropistDonate 3 times while in a guild.500
Rose enthusiastHarvest 60 Roses.500
See the worldEnter the Worldmap for the 1st time.500
The bears are pleasedReceive a bear chest.500
Well that's a start!Reach level 10.500
Where do the bees sleep?Catch 24 Bees.500
Why would I do this?Produce 36 Packs of Dried Roses.500