Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Various Google Play achievements

AchievementHow to unlock
A Shimmer of Fairies (1,000 experience points)Collect 1,000 Fairies.
Acrobat (1,000 experience points)Jump through 1,000 hoops.
Carving a Giant (1,000 experience points)Destroy 50 Star Giants.
Don't Cry for Me (1,000 experience points)Collect 10,000 tears.
I Wish I May (1,000 experience points)Make three wishes.
Push it to the Limit (1,000 experience points)Run a total distance of 100,000.
Star Dancer (1,000 experience points)Dash through 100 Stars.
The Sky is the Limit (1,000 experience points)Be airborne for a total of 100,000.