RGB Express (Android)


Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
1. Training Day [Expert Mode]1. Training Day [Expert Mode]5000
1. Training DayComplete island: Training Day.500
10. Future III [Expert Mode]10. Future III [Expert Mode]5000
10. Future IIIComplete island: Future III.10000
2. Detours [Expert Mode]2. Detours [Expert Mode]5000
2. DetoursComplete island: Detours.1000
3. Careful planning [Expert Mode]3. Careful planning [Expert Mode]5000
3. Careful planningComplete island: 3. Careful planning.1500
4. Tricky cities [Expert Mode]4. Tricky cities [Expert Mode]5000
4. Tricky citiesComplete island: Tricky Cities.2000
5. Challenge [Expert Mode]5. Challenge [Expert Mode]5000
5. ChallengeComplete island: Challenge.2500
6. Super Hard [Expert Mode]6. Super Hard [Expert Mode]5000
6. Super HardComplete island: Super Hard.5000
7. Super Hard 2 [Expert Mode]7. Super Hard 2 [Expert Mode]5000
7. Super Hard 2Complete island: Super Hard 2.7500
8. Future I [Expert Mode]8. Future I [Expert Mode]5000
8. Future IComplete island: Future I.2500
9. Future II [Expert Mode]9. Future II [Expert Mode]5000
9. Future IIComplete island: Future II.8000