Rayman Adventures



Gems are earned through the daily login bonuses, redeeming lucky tickets, and completing levels. Spend them on special costumes, egg elixirs, and more lucky tickets.


Jump and hold to have Rayman spin his hair and hover like a helicopter. He will be able to float long distances and cross large gaps.


Each Incrediball has a certain use in each type of level. Inhalers will bring in nearby lums. Seekers will alert you of hidden secrets, such as Teensies. Protectors will shield you from one specific attack. Food is required to recharge an Incrediball each time it is used.


During levels where you collect Lums, note that some groups of them will also have a single purple Lum. Purple Lums are worth two points. After collecting one, the next Lum in the chain will turn purple. If you miss collecting the purple Lum and collect a regular one instead, this chain will end. You may also find a large Lum wearing a crown. Collecting the King Lum will turn all Lums purple for a short duration. When this happens, try to collect as many Lums as possible.


Take your time to get all three rewards. You will have to explore the entire level to find all the collectibles. Finding Teensies and collecting Lum coins will reward you with points. Each level has three goals that must be met to collect the rewards. After you leave an adventure area, you cannot return. If you missed any of the level rewards, return to finish them before progressing.

Various General Tips

Unlike most mobile infinite runners, you have the ability to change the direction of where your character is running.

In order to find any of trapped Teensies, you’ll have to fully explore each stage by moving in both directions.

Keep in mind that tapping the screen makes your character automatically run, jump and wall jump.

If you jump and then hold your finger on the screen you will activate Rayman's hover ability.

Swiping forward lets you attack enemies.

Swiping down while you’re airborne lets you pull off a downward smash attack. This one is especially good to jump higher when you land smash attacks on bouncy pigs.

You can collect - Seekers, Protectors and Inhalers Incrediballs. Protectors shield you from attacks by giving you a quick assist attack, Seekers can locate hidden items you need to collect and Inhalers suck up any nearby Lums and other items.

Head to the store you’ll be gifted with five new Gems just by watching an in-game video advertisement, plus you can walk away with five extra Gems thanks to the game’s "Daily Reward" system.

In order to unlock more Gems and food, you’ll have to clear off the achievements that you’ve already cleared.

Each time that you rescue an egg, it will take some time to incubate. Put it in the incubator and let it go. As you get more and more eggs, they will take more and more time to incubate. Also, rare creatures will take longer to incubate than common or uncommon ones will.

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