Potion Maker (Android)


Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
BlackcatOne Blackcats summoned!500
Companion of Pushcat2,000 Pushcats summoned!500
CrystalMaterial Upgrade Level 15!500
Destroyer of the NatureUsed 150,000,000 materials.500
EgoistUsed 2,500,000 materials.500
Enemy of Pushcat1,000 Pushcats summoned!500
EyeballMaterial Upgrade Level 12!500
FlowerMaterial Upgrade Level 10!500
Friends of the PushcatTwo Pushcats summoned!500
GatherersUsed 1,000 materials.500
God Of Potions100,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!500
It is as light as a feather!Material Upgrade Level 4!500
It's alive?!Material Upgrade Level 7!500
JamMaterial Upgrade Level 11!500
Ltd. Pio100,000,000 total coins collected!500
Made in china?1,000 Level 1 Potions sold!500
MailMaterial Upgrade Level 9!500
Middle-Class1,000,000 total coins collected!500
Monster SlayerUsed 75,000,000 materials.500
Nutritious EggsMaterial Upgrade Level 5!500
Oops, my hand slippedEnhancement failed thirty times!500
PonytailMaterial Upgrade Level 8!500
Poor Shop-Girl100,000 total coins collected!500
Potion BreakerEnhancement failed 1,000 times!500
Potion CrusherEnhancement failed 300 times!500
Potion DestroyerEnhancement failed 3,000 times!500
Potion EliminatorEnhancement failed 10,000 times!500
Potion ExpertEnhancement succeeded 2,500 times!500
Potion KillerEnhancement failed hundred times!500
Potion King100,000,000,000 total coins collected!500
Potion NewbieEnhancement succeeded 100 times!500
Potion ProfessionalEnhancement succeeded 1,000 times!500
Potion RookieEnhancement succeeded 500 times!500
Potion Shop Part-Timer10,000 total coins collected!500
Potion SpecialistEnhancement succeeded 5,000 times!500
Potion VeteranEnhancement succeeded 10,000 times!500
Powder Shower!Material Upgrade Level 6!500
Pushcat Lover100 Pushcats summoned!500
Quantity than Quality100 Level 1 Potions sold!500
Rich10,000,000,000 total coins collected!500
RuneMaterial Upgrade Level 18!500
ScaleMaterial Upgrade Level 19!500
ScrollMaterial Upgrade Level 16!500
Shopkeeper Jackpot10,000,000 total coins collected!500
Space conquest in Potion10,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!500
Stable Reactor10,000 Level 1 Potions sold!500
StoneMaterial Upgrade Level 20!500
TearMaterial Upgrade Level 17!500
The Fruit Truck is coming!Material Upgrade Level 3!500
TuskMaterial Upgrade Level 14!500
V.I.P1,000,000,000 total coins collected!500
Welcome!Used 30 materials.500
WholesalersUsed 50,000 materials.500
Wife of Pushcat500 Pushcats summoned!500
WingMaterial Upgrade Level 13!500
World domination in the Potion1,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!500