Pirate Bash



When a pirate gets an upgraded weapon, they will unlock abilities. These abilities can be used once per level. For example, the barrel pirate will be able to place three barrels in random locations, allowing you to clear out a large space quickly.


Wait until your pirates stop moving before you aiming and shooting. If your pirate loses his footing, wait until he has completely stopped again before trying to fire.


One your starting pirates can throw barrels. After throwing a barrel, there is a short amount of time that you can tap again to explode it. It does enough damage to remove obstacles and debris. If you do not tap to explode it, the barrel will remain in place. If it gets hit by anything else with enough force, it will then explode.


Open silver or gold chests with keys to get new items. Each pirate has a weapon, chest piece, and head piece that can be replaced. Head pieces increase HP and attack power. Chest pieces increase HP only. Tap a piece of equipment to level it up by either 1 or 5 levels. Each individual item has its own maximum level.


Earn a gold skull on a level to get gemstones. They are used to upgrade pirates.


Shoot crates when they appear to get a chance to find a key. Keys are used to open silver chests.

Various Tips and Tricks

Use treasure gems to unlock new crew members.

Take your crew members to the open sea to battle other players and earn rewards like rep points and jolly rogers.

Enemies may drop crates that contain silver keys.

Find Treasure Crates in stages to earn rare gems which can unlock or upgrade your crew members.

Silver and Gold Chests contain weapons that can increase your crew member's atk and hp.

Weapons like the bow and harpoon are very powerful against enemy pirates.

If you don't explode the barrel, you can blow it up with another projectile next turn.

Weapons improve the rarity. The bow shoots more arrows and the barrel explodes with a wider attack radius.

Launch a weapon at the maximum speed to do the most damage.

Do you want weapons used by the enemy? Seek and Recruit the pirates who have them.

A new crew member is unveiled when and world is cleared.

Turn order depends on where you place a pirate on your ship. The pirates near the front go earlier.

Each pirates weapon is unique, use the recommended pirate for each stage to improve your chances.


Bladed weapons (for example, the bow and harpoon) work well against enemy pirates. Bows and harpoons also work well when enemy pirates are behind defenses that only provide a small opening to attack through. Heavy weapons (for example, anchors, explosive barrels, and cannonballs) are better suited for removing obstacles and debris.