Metal Shooter (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Anguish !Die 20 times.500
Blow them up !Kill 500 Monsters.500
Break me down !Die 50 times.500
CommanderKill 100 Human.500
Don't Run !Kill 50 Monsters.500
First Blood !Kill first Monsters.500
FuryKill 100 Tank.500
Good job !Kill 100 Monsters.500
Head Strong!Break 10 tiles.500
HiddenBreak 50 tiles.500
How you dare !Die 10 times.500
Killing Machine !Kill 1000 Monsters.500
Raise me up !Die 100 times.500
SkyforceKill 100 Helicoper.500
The Destroyer!Break 100 tiles.500
Titanium!Break 500 tiles.500
Unstopable!Break 50 tiles.500
You are insane !Die 500 times.500