Grow Empire: Rome (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Colonize all carthaginian citiesColonize all carthaginian cities.5000
Colonize all gaul citiesColonize all gaul cities.5000
Colonize all iberian citiesColonize all iberian cities.5000
Colonize all italian citiesColonize all italian cities.5000
Defeat a war elephantDefeat a war elephant.2500
Defeat an armyDefeat an army.2500
Reach wave 1000Reach wave 1000.15000
Reach wave 100Reach wave 100.2500
Reach wave 250Reach wave 250.5000
Reach wave 500Reach wave 500.7500
Reach wave 750Reach wave 750.10000
Unlock all heroesUnlock all heroes.5000
Unlock all merecenariesUnlock all merecenaries.5000
Unlock your first cavalry troopUnlock your first cavalry troop.5000
Unlock your first heroUnlock your first hero.2500
Unlock your first mercenaryUnlock your first mercenary.2500
Unlock your first ranged troopUnlock your first ranged troop.5000
Unlock your first siege weaponUnlock your first siege weapon.5000
Upgrade a colony to maximum level!Upgrade a colony to maximum level.2500