Createrria (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievements.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
ArchcreatorAchieve Archcreator title.5500
CreaterrianAchieve Createrrian title.1000
Creation MinionAchieve Creation Minion title.1000
Creatosaurus RexAchieve Creatosaurus Rex title.4500
Game DesignerAchieve Game Designer title.3000
Game MasterAchieve Game Master title.2500
Grand CreatorAchieve Grand Creator title.3500
Guardian of CreaterriaAchieve Guardian of Createrria title.5000
Junior Game DesignerAchieve Junior Game Designer title.3000
King CreaterrionAchieve King Createrrion title.10000
Lord of the GameAchieve Lord of the Game title.4000
ProdigyAchieve Prodigy title.2000
Professional CreatorAchieve Professional Creator title.2500
Rookie!Achieve Rookie title.500
Senior Game DesignerAchieve Senior Game Designer title.3500
Skilled CreaterrianAchieve Skilled Createrrian title.2000
The Chosen OneAchieve The Chosen One title.4500
Ultimate CreatorAchieve Ultimate Creator title.5000
Wizard of CreaterriaAchieve Wizard of Createrria title.5500
World ArchitectAchieve World Architect title.4000