Bomb Hunters (Android)

Various Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Bomb task 2Defuse thirty bombs in one game.1000
Bomb taskDefuse ten bombs in one game.1000
Champion 2Make a new highscore.1000
ChampionMake a new highscore.1000
EMP BOOM 2Buy EMP at checkpoint shop.1000
EMP BOOMBuy EMP at checkpoint shop.1000
Fury SniperCatch twenty bullets from snipers.1000
Grenade searchMeet fifty grenadiers.1000
Marathon 2Make 5000 steps.1000
MarathonMake thousand steps.1000
Minigame 2Defuse 75 white bombs through minigames.1000
MinigameDefuse ten white bombs through minigames.1000
Money MoneyCollect or buy ten money notes.1000
PyromaniacGet hit by a airstrike five times.1000
Sniper friend 2Meet 75 snipers.1000
Sniper friendMeet five snipers.1000
Sprint 2Make 350 steps in one round.1000
SprintMake twenty steps in one round.1000
Unstoppable vehicle 2Get hit by a car 100 times.1000
Unstoppable vehicleGet hit by a car two times.1000
Waterman 2Make a splash 50 times.1000
WatermanMake a splash ten times.1000